1.1.1 - New Words Review

  • pron. you (singular)
  • nín pron. you (respectful and courteous, as opposed to 你)
  • hǎo adj. good
  • 你好 nǐ hǎo hello
  • 大家 dàjiā n. everyone
  • 老师 lǎoshī n. teacher
  • 再见 zàijiàn v. goodbye
  • 明天 míngtiān n. tomorrow
  • 下次 xià cì next time
  • 一会儿 yíhuìr adv. a moment or a while

❓ Quiz: Listen and repeat the vocabulary and then choose the correct answer for the new words.

Flashcard: You can choose the study mode you like.

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