1.1.0 - Warm-Up & Full Lesson

Hello, everyone! 大家好[Dàjiā hǎo]!

Today we are going to start learning Mandarin Chinese of HSK level 1 course. This course serial consists of 18 lessons, including 12 basic lessons and 6 vocabulary lessons. After learning this course, you will be able to say some very basic sentences in Chinese, such as greeting to others, introducing yourself, asking and answering some simple questions and so on. In addition, we will also offer you five HSK mock tests to help you get ready for the HSK 1 test.

OK, let’s get started. Today, we’ll learn how to say hello and goodbye in Chinese.

Lesson objectives:

  • Basic greetings
  • Say goodbye


What are they doing?

Think about that:

What would they say in your language?

In Chinese, they will say 你好[nǐ hǎo]!

Now, let's move on to the video.

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